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DVD Copy: Welcome to the official DVDXCOPY website, the Internet’s most popular website for DVD copy software. DVDXCopy was once the world’s best selling copying software, but after being banned for sale in 2003, authentic versions of 321 Studios software are no longer available. Some websites are still selling selling fake “DVD X Copy” Software for $29 or less, but they are not genuine 321 Studios software products (see more below). If you are looking for a fully updated version of DVDXCopy, you may want to consider the following DVD Software: DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech, 1 Click DVD Copy, DVD neXt Copy Ultimate, or 1 Click DVD Copy Pro.

DVD Copying: DVDXCopy.com conducts extensive research on dozens of burning software titles. All of the movie copying software programs reviewed on this site have been thoroughly tested and are fully supported, frequently updated and backed by publisher guarantees. We recommend two ripping & burning software programs for copying movies: DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech (most powerful) and 1 Click DVD Copy. For product details, bonus offers and guaranteed lowest price links for the most popular DVD Copy software, click “buy now” buttons or “review” links below.


Copy DVD movies to your Apple iPod, Sony PSP and Microsoft Zune player with DVDneXtCOPY neXt Tech

DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech

Is the best full-featured burning software you can buy. DVDneXtCopy is today’s version of the all-time best selling DVDXCopy Platinum. Free updates with 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Since DVD X Copy was banned for sale in 2003, consumers have looked for an alternative DVD copying program to backup their movies, and DVDXCopy.com continues to rank and update new copying products and versions as they are released into the market. The latest rankings direct you to the best copying, burning and ripping software programs. DVDXCopy.com has compiled a list from leading software review sites, software developers, blank disc, player and burner manufactures, and of course direct feedback from thousands of consumers.

DVD burning software titles vary greatly in terms of burning speed, features and ease-of-use. DVDXCopy.com’s rankings include detailed product reviews on the industry’s top rated disc burning technologies. The reviews also include assessments on each publisher’s quality of customer & technical support, frequency and cost (of any) of software updates as well as each program’s compatibility with the latest operating system technologies. DVDXCopy.com has tested over 50 software titles with a minimum of 100 test backup sessions per title. The results of this rigorous testing and analysis are posted above and are updated frequently.

A word of CAUTION: As stated above, authentic DVDXCopy software products are no longer being sold anywhere.

Many websites are selling fake DVDXCopy Software and fake 321 Studios products for $29 and under together with license codes and a separate free “activation server update” file or similar “patch” file, CD or DVDXCopy crack.

These are not genuine DVDXCopy products, but rather cracks that destabilize your computer system and will not function properly. Authentic 321 Studios software should ONLY require a license ID and password to activate. If you are experiencing operating system failure or other technical issues relating to an “activation server file”, “patch” or “activation CD”, contact the seller directly for an immediate refund as this indicates a cracked version of the product. Beware of any sites that continue to sell any version of DVD X Copy Platinum (including version or later) and that “guarantee” activation.

Software products purchased from such sites are not authentic, not eligible for support or updates and should be returned for a refund. Are you looking for an updated version of DVDXCopy Platin

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