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DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech – $89.99

If you are looking for a new and improved version of DVDXCopy, DVDneXtCOPY neXt Tech is an updated, fully supported version of the all-time best selling DVDXCopy Platinum. DVD next Copy neXt Tech costs $20 more than DVD neXt COPY Ultimate, but the extra $20 buys you the world’s most powerful DVD burning technology and many advanced features (see below). This is a premium program that offers a very high level of customization over the burning process. DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech includes lifetime 24-hour customer support, and is the only software program backed by a 30-day, 100% “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee. DVDneXtCopy neXt Tech is clearly our favorite DVD copy software. If you are looking extra features like Microsoft Zune, Apple iPod/iPad and Sony PSP support then this is your software. DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech™ combines all the bells and whistles of all of the DVD neXt COPY products into one. It is by far the best product producing the best quality copies at the fastest speeds and it is the easiest to use.
NOTE: DVDneXtCopy Inc. is the only developer that offers an official retail box version, with a detailed User Guide, and a sophisticated help system and tutorials.

HOT! The publisher’s of DVDneXtCopy released a break-through enhancement – neXt Tech™. This proprietary DVD Copy technology enables the DVD neXt Copy software program to be updated in a way similar to automatic product updates in anti-virus software. This is very important because there are constant advances in computer hardware, burner, disc and player technology as well as frequent changes in movie formats, “video codecs”, etc. The developers of DVDneXtCopy created neXt Tech™ to overcome challenges associated with new DVD movie technologies as soon as they emerge. This technology ensures a virtual 100% copying success rate. With neXt Tech™, DVDneXtCopy can be updated almost in real-time to ensure compatibility with the newest burners and players and to identify and fix the neXt variations of bad sectors, bad structures and other challenges associated with the latest movies.
DVD Copying: DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech has been specifically designed to burn both single and dual layered DVDs. With DVDneXtCopy neXt Tech you can also rip movies directly to your hard drive so that you can make multiple copies without having to repeat the entire process again. This feature is also useful if you would like to rip movies onto your hard-drive for viewing directly on the computer, for example, saving movies onto a laptop so that you can view them when you travel. You can also share movies across your home network. DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech also allows you to make copies of your backup copies which is something that NO other DVD copying software will do. The quality is perfect, product support is unparalleled, and the software comes with a no-hassle 30-Day money back guarantee.

DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech Features:

Windows 7, VISTA, XP, 2000 Compatible
Built in special neXt Tech™ Updater software product that allows you to update your own DVD movies
neXt Tech™ log creator for remote assistance
Share updated DVD movie Data Base Files with other computers
Virtual Player for improved DVD analyzing of new DVD movies
Ability to Disable Fast Play function on DVD movies
User interface with an easy to follow work flow
Automatic update checker detects new version updates
Activation system for easy license transfer between computers
Fastest Speed engine for faster copies
Highest quality engine
Improved and newly designed neXt Tech™, for copying your latest DVD movies
Copy VideoDVD to BluRay (Copy up to 10 VideoDVDs on 1 BluRay) (Industry First)
Copy DVD movies to your iPod, PSP, Zune (Windows Media Video)
Copy DVD movies to DVD
Copy DVD movies to PS3
Copy DVD to iPad
Copy DVD movies to your computer
Copies DVD Movie to One Blank Disc (No Need to Split)
Copy VideoDVD and Common Discs (Special Feature/DigitalCopy Disks)
Copy episodic DVD movies
Copy Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)
Copy Common Disk directly to another drive (on-the-fly)
Copy Common Disks to DiskImage
Copy and Burn to Multiple devices
Make copies of DVD copies
Convert all know DiskImage Types to ISO (to open with DVDneXtCOPY)
Burn all known DiskImage Types with DVDneXtCOPY
Burn own DiskImageTypes with DVDneXtCOPY
Added Pre-scan for high quality
Extended BadSector Scanning
Auto-fill BadSectors
Iimproved VideoDVD content list
WebControl for better information about updates and new features
Integrated BluRay Browser for XP
Option to remove region limitations
Option for auto remove DTS audio stream
Option to erase and reuse rewriteable disks
Option to preview tracks before and during copying
Option to adjust deposit Buffer (to avoid over flowing copies)
Option to jump directly to menu. The copy will not play trailers
Option to use 1, 2 or 4 Processors (DualCore or QuadCore)
Supports all Dual Layer/Single Layer/BluRay discs and burners
Supports all SCSI, IDE, USB DVD burners/recorders
Supports 1x – 20x speed blank media- Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies
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Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, XP 64, Windows Vista
Intel Pentium III® 500 MHz
10 GB of free hard drive space
A DVD writer / burner and media

Recommended System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7, XP, XP 64, Win Vista
Intel Pentium 4® 1.4GHz
15 GB of free hard drive space
A DVD Dual Layer writer / burner and media

DVD neXt Copy neXt Tech – $89.99

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